Extension on Roger Ebert´s case study

After reviewing Roger Ebert´s film review web site, I really enjoyed it and I could find a big range of films. However, I have noticed that, when checking a film, I can´t really rely on how people rate the film as I cannot find their comments anywhere and I can just read one film critic´s review.

This being said, I have found other websites such as http://www.filmaffinity.com, where I can find a more reliable film review site where more film critics can comment. Nevertheless, I will keep checking both web sites and comparing them as there are films that I can´t find in one of them or vice versa.

I will keep searching about new ways of finding good films, not just of all times, but also new ones that inspire me to write and share my thoughts with all of you in this blog.

The essential from the heart

Image result for the little prince exupery

Today Saint-Exupéry´s lines came to my mind: “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

And I remember how we felt it all wrong,

and how we were feeling frustrated and lost.

Our intuition was telling us that the goodbye was the best buy.

And then we realized that we were choosing out of fear,

as now all is love and peace and I can finally say “I Love You, my Dear”.

Comments on Roger Ebert (case study)

I have been checking out Roger Ebert website (www.rogerebert.com) about movie reviews and I found it very complete and with a wide variety of contents. Firstly, what strikes me the most is the easiness with which you can search by name, year and even stars rate a film you are looking for; secondly, you have another section of “great movies” that may be unknown by other movie lovers; thirdly, the collections of films according to the genre; and also they have blog sections with TV programs reviews, features, a journal by Chaz Ebert and interviews. Through the blogs people can comment and give their opinions on the films or reviews through Facebook or Twiter.

In addition, there are other options such as getting a subscription to watch all the films they have either paying monthly or annually. For that, they offer you different benefits such as watching the films with no adds, free movies or going to film festivals. Besides, there is an option of advertising with them or contacting them.

One thing I missed on this website are the comments of other bloggers. Also, the reviewers are usually the same ones, so I think that this fact could make the site less reliable.

Above all, I strongly recommend this website and I can´t wait to try some of their films soon!

Fin ; )

Picasso for children

Picasso is one of my favorite painters and I decided to create a Spanish lesson about him for my youngest students. I discovered how wonderful is to go over the life of an artist and his work while teaching and learning a second language. The students love the contents and also they can truly understand what is behind those vivid and unique paintings. I will continue with this project. Has anyone tried this before?

Hamnet by Maggie O’Farrell

I am currently reading Hamnet by Maggie O´Farrell. I strongly recommend this innovative novel. I chose it because, first of all, I have always enjoyed Shakespeare very much, and I thought that I would find a version of Hamlet. However, to my great surprise and satisfying my craving for newness, I found a different delicately described dance of interwoven stories that invite the reader to merge with the story and its characters and read until finished and the story is untangled. In addition, you can fall in love with the characters for every detail given about their beautiful human imperfections and sorrows typical from the chosen time and setting. I can only make positive comments about this brilliant story that can bring Shakespeare to life again with such a personal touch by a highly creative author.      

Do you have “zing”?

The other day having breakfast I realized that my cereal box was called “Dark Choc Zing” and, already loving dark chocolate, I fell in love with this word “zing”. I have started to work full of “zing” since then, I have written a list of words that are related such as “zingy” or “zinger” and I have started singing these words out loud every morning. It is amazing how using positive language can give you a great boost of energy. And all it started with a cereal box! I am grateful to all the brands that work hard on finding the right language that can change your mindset and your everyday life. This is the reason why I had to use this word in my website and have it full of “zing”!

Who I am and why I’m here

I have taught Spanish worldwide for more than ten years, I have just finished a MA in Applied Linguistics and I am ready to take the leap and start a career in publishing, translation or as a linguist. The reasons for this decision are my need to be the person that I really want to be, by remaining true to myself and to the values that I cherish. Values such as commitment, resilience, perseverance and flexibility among others. All these principles help me be the best version of myself always.

I am thrilled about creating a blog in order to connect with other people in the world of publishing or linguistics or anyone with a passion for language.

My working experience as an educator in different countries has helped me develop my easiness to adapt to change, improve my proficiency in the foreign language as well as work well with diverse, multilingual staff among others. I am a versatile and creative linguist with a passion for language and excellent communicative skills. I am eager to join my new team and contribute with innovative approaches to successful results while developing my personal talents.

I am skilled in Spanish and English languages and SP, EN, FR > SP, EN translation. I am a competent professional with a Bachelor’s degree focused in English Language and Literature, a Postgraduate Course in Translation and a Master´s degree in Applied Linguistics to the Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language.


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